Trusted Counsel When It Matters

Newton, Jones & Spaeth is recognized throughout the Houston area for its abilities to achieve results through a proactive, no-nonsense approach and customized legal strategies. On a daily basis, we oppose some of the best trial lawyers in the state. Our history of results over the last 30 years is exceptional, earning our firm the respect of opposing parties and litigators throughout Texas.

We are committed to intervening in a dispute and resolving the matter as quickly as possible, saving the client valuable time and resources. Our focus is our clients. We partner closely with them to understand their needs and how various outcomes could profoundly impact their business. With this deep understanding of their needs, our attorneys craft strategies engineered to achieve the best possible outcome and to minimize any adverse effects to the company. We solve problems and resolve disputes with successful settlements, or if necessary, in trial.

Three Decades Of Trusted Experience In Litigation And Achieving Results In Houston

In litigation, experience is paramount. Many firms are quick to refer out cases headed for trial, realizing that they do not have the in-house experience needed to achieve a successful outcome in court - particularly in cases of complex commercial and personal injury defense litigation.

At Newton, Jones & Spaeth, we often take on cases that other attorneys may not have the imagination or resources to handle. We leave no stone unturned to limit a client's liability exposure. We represent clients in a broad range of defense and commercial litigation matters, including:

A defense attorney is many things — a problem solver, a legal advocate and a strategist. When it comes to handling our client's toughest legal problems, our firm brings a common sense approach to finding the best possible resolution. If the case needs to be settled, we are prepared to negotiate a settlement on favorable terms. If the case needs to be tried, we will be ready and our record of success speaks for itself.

To arrange a consultation to discuss the dispute facing your company and how we can protect your legal rights, reaching the most successful outcome, call our Houston, TX law offices today.