Navigating The Complexities Of Subrogation Law

Subrogation takes place when an insurance company pays out on a policy it has insured, then turns around to pursue that cost from the responsible third party. For instance, should a commercial building burn down due to defective electrical systems, the building's owner will receive compensation under the party. The owner's insurance company, or collateral source, then has the option to sue the company responsible for the faulty electrical system through subrogation.

The Firm You Want On Your Side In Subrogation Matters, Armed With Experience And Proven Strategies

Subrogation is a complex legal process, requiring extensive experience and veteran litigators. Newton, Jones & Spaeth provides skilled representation in subrogation to insurance companies throughout the Houston area and those seeking subrogation against companies or parties in this area of Texas. We are trusted for our abilities in each step of the subrogation process, from discovery and due diligence to case preparation to negotiation and litigation.

We represent companies on a contingency fee basis, confident in our abilities to achieve results. We have represented subrogation claims in all types of industries and are prepared to intervene in your case. For more information about our subrogation services, please call us at 713-987-3804. Another option for scheduling an appointment is to send an email with brief details regarding the matter.