Trucking Litigation

The trucking industry is highly regulated, due to the risk presented by large transport vehicles traveling the nation's highways on a daily basis. Trucking companies and truck drivers are required to adhere to a strict set of rules and protocol to protect other drivers and the environment from the potential disaster that could occur should the trucks crash.

Accidents happen, however. When they do, personal injury lawyers circle, eager to cash in on the tragedy and extract money from trucking companies. Our attorneys know how to limit liability and are not afraid to take cases to trial.

Defending Trucking Companies In Complex Litigation

Newton, Jones & Spaeth provides effective trucking litigation defense. With more than 30 years' experience in litigation, we are prepared to force inexperienced personal injury lawyers to court where we will face them with the evidence and legal strategies needed to protect our clients.

To discuss your trucking litigation matter, please contact our Houston law firm today.

Our firm represents trucking companies in a broad range of trucking litigation matters, including:

  • Defense against personal injury claims
  • Issues related to oil and gas production and transportation
  • Department of Transportation record keeping matters
  • Accident reconstruction and assembling forensic evidence

Our lawyers routinely represent trucking companies throughout the Houston area in cases related to the gas and oil industry. Trucks play a critical role in the transport of fuel. When they occur, accidents can be devastating with lawsuits and claims abounding. We are quick to defend our clients and protect them from ill-founded lawsuits.

We also represent trucking companies in defective machinery and equipment cases. Should a truck or 18-wheeler fail due to manufacturing error or default, our lawyers are prepared to pursue equipment manufacturers, holding them accountable for the defect.