Experience Defending Products Liability Claims

Newton, Jones & Spaeth provides effective product liability defense to companies throughout the Houston area and those with local interests. Our firm has more than 30 years' experience facing some of the top personal injury attorneys in the state. We are knowledgeable of the tactics and legal approaches used by these firms to extract damages from manufacturers and companies.

Equipped with this tacit understanding of products liability litigation and a dedication to exhaustive investigation and discovery, we are prepared to handle even the most complex products liability case, protecting our clients from lawsuits.

Protecting Manufacturers And Companies From Products Liability Claims Of All Types

Our firm thoroughly investigates claims of significant property loss related to defective design, manufacturing, marketing and signage, assembling the evidence necessary to defend our clients' position. We have served companies and clients of a variety of industries and types of manufacturing, including airbags, tires, consumer products, household tools, lights, compressor system and industrial products.

We are also prepared to defend clients involved in third-party personal injury claims following on-the-job accidents where an employee seeks compensation or damages from a company, claiming it contributed to a workplace accident.

Our firm is experienced in defending companies involved in subrogation as insurance companies seek to recover money for claims paid out on personal injury accidents.

These can be complicated matters, requiring a deep understanding of products liability law and the tactics used by personal injury lawyers to maximize damages. Our firm has the experience and willingness to go to trial needed to achieve the best possible outcome on behalf of clients.

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